The Rockwood Framework

Rockwood's standard of excellence has continued for over 73 years. We lead the region's health care industry as the premier physician group practice in the Inland Northwest. To that end, the board of directors, employees and physicians developed a framework to guide the organization's goals, strategic planning and future direction.

Our Promise
Working together for a healthier life.

Our Vision
Rockwood will be the region's most comprehensive provider of health-related services focused on improving your health and the health of our community.

Our Mission
Rockwood is the region's largest group of primary and multi-specialty health services providing truly seamless care and an exceptional patient experience.

Our Personality/Values

  • Collaborative/Proactive
    As a team of Rockwood employees, we take the initiative to make sure that each patient receives the highest quality of care and a positive health care experience.

  • Comprehensive
    Rockwood can meet the needs of every person at any age and in any community.

  • Integrated/Coordinated
    Rockwood is a multi-specialty organization utilitizing the most current technology and personal communications to deliver the best possible outcome for patients.

  • Accessible/Available
    Rockwood is accessible and available to the greater Spokane community by providing primary and multi-specialty health services in more than 39 locations.

  • Convenient
    Rockwood has many locations throughout the area, many which offer multiple specialties in one site and extended hours to accomodate patient schedules.

  • Large and Leading
    We are the largest multi-specialty clinic between Seattle and Minneapolis, and continue to be the region's leading authority in health care.

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