Telemedicine technology offers residents fast, easy access to a physician 24/7

Rockwood Health System is introducing a faster and easier way to see a doctor for non-emergency health conditions.  The innovative service, called VirtualHealthNow, lets patients video visit with a doctor, anytime, anywhere via a mobile device, computer or tablet.

The online service can be accessed from a free app called VirtualHealthNow downloaded from Google Play or the App Store, or on the web at RockwoodHealthSystem.com

"VirtualHealthNow gives patients from all over Spokane and the surrounding communities more access to quick, convenient and affordable healthcare," said Maurine Cate, Chief Strategy Officer, Rockwood Health System and CEO of Deaconess Hospital.

"Having a physician diagnose your sore throat from the comfort of your sofa or via your computer at work may sound like a dream come true. And for those in our community, it is," says Cate.

"This will save patients both time and money when they have an urgent care need that can be diagnosed during a video consultation," added Cate.

"Virtual appointments aren't designed to replace the physician-patient relationship," stresses Dr. Gary Knox, Chief Medical Officer, Rockwood Clinic and a  family practitioner , "But we know there are times when it's either a real inconvenience to get to your primary care doctor or your regular doctor's office is closed. Having an alternative option to obtain the appropriate level of care in a cost-effective format is smart for both patients and the healthcare system."

VirtualHealthNow is intended for patients who have an urgent need to see a physician for minor health concerns like sinus problems, fever, ear infections, cold and flu symptoms, allergies, migraines, stomach pain, and much more. The doctor will evaluate and diagnose the patient, and if appropriate, send prescriptions to the pharmacy-just like an in-office doctor's appointment.

VirtualHealthNow visits are only $39, payable by debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express). This includes Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account cards.

The VirtualHealthNow board-certified physicians participate through the network's telemedicine partner, American Well, a U.S. industry leader in telehealth.  Rockwood Clinic intends to integrate many of its primary care providers into the service as consumer demand grows.

Through VirtualHealthNow, physicians can only provide a prescription in accordance with state laws and when medically appropriate. Prescriptions for controlled medications (such as narcotic pain medications or benzodiazepines) cannot be filled.

In a life-threatening emergency, persons should always call 9-1-1 or proceed to the nearest emergency room.



About Rockwood Health System

Rockwood Health System is an integrated healthcare delivery system including Deaconess Hospital, Rockwood Clinic and Valley Hospital.  The health system strives to increase access to health services, improve coordination of patient care among providers, and focuses on building quality relationships. Our dedicated staff and physicians provide not only excellence in clinical care, but also personal, compassionate service to patients and their families. It is our goal to provide the best healthcare experience possible by putting the patient and the family first.

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