Bridge Program - Personal Training Plus

Often, health concerns or other limitations can prevent or slow an active lifestyle. We understand the obstacles you may be facing trying to establish or maintain a regular exercise habit as a part of your lifestyle. Our Bridge personal training program will help you "get out of a rut" and back on the road to improved health and well-being.

One-on-one personal training sessions or small group (2-6 clients) sessions are available. Our program is perfect for people of any age looking to get into shape or those participating in recreational activities who desire improvements in muscular strength, conditioning, balance, coordination, and/or range of motion (flexibility). Our emphasis is on functional movements performed with quality biomechanics and good posture.  Attention is given to individual limitations, needs, and goals whether we are training in  a one-on-one setting or as a group. Classes of 7-10 clients (Pilates, etc.) are also offered throughout the year.

Call our downtown location, (509) 838 - 2531 ext. 2010 for more information on our Bridge program or to schedule a FREE initial consultation to determine if Bridge meets your needs.

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